HENRIETTA SWAN Commence Recording First Single (by Marc)

So I wrote this song called Unfold. Shared it with my guitar hero bud who’s in the band Interstellar. He adds some additional guitar and bass. We share with our friend in Nashville. She put amazing lyrics and vocals to it. Then a friend who owns record label in Nashville thinks it’s good enough to release so he brings in one of his signed artists to rearrange and record it with my singer and lyricist friend. I’m asked to come out and record the guitar parts. So I invite my drummer friend who lives in Nashville to be part of the session. This is how I ended up at Zac Brown’s studio playing his vintage Country Gentleman.

This is the tale of HENRIETTA SWAN – the new group this track and others we’re writing will soon be released under.

Love you:
Lauren Shera Levine
Gary Gladson
John L. Heithaus
Luke Bulla
Jordan Solly Levine
Marc Davison