HENRIETTA SWAN Artist Profile: Marc Davison

Marc Davison
Guitars, Songwriter

His style is rich in hook-filled melodies, sweeping slide soundscapes and unusual rhythms.

 Stumbling on a broken acoustic guitar left out for garbage pickup, this gentleman brought it home, repaired it and thereby replaced his version of a first-generation air guitar, the tennis racket he had used to play along with his favorite records. Though his newfound love barely stayed in tune, using his ear he began figuring out the uniquely-crafted riffs buried in endless layers of his favorite Beatle records. He was 11 at the time and the bug for music and writing hit hard.

Fast forward to age 21, when Marc and his band were signed to Polydor, releasing their single Electric Boy, which climbed the college charts and made its way its onto mainstream radio. But the life of a touring professional wasn’t in his blood and he was drawn to another profession for which he was uniquely suited.

In parallel to that professional life in advertising, marketing and branding strategy, Marc continued to refine his craft as a guitarist over the following years and was fortunate to be invited to add his special guitar flavor to Independent releases, other musical endeavors and performances.

Says he: “We founded Henrietta Swan as a way to recreate the halcyon days of our favorite American music built on meaningful lyrics, hummable melodies and beautiful production.”

Influences: George Harrison, Jerry Garcia, Duane Allman, Pete Anderson, Freddy King, Paddy McAloon and Johnny Marr

Guitars: Gretsch, Fender, Rickenbacker and Epiphone

Effects: TS9, DOD 250, TC Dual Parametric EQ, DTS SDD3KP, JHS Pink Panther, MJM 60’sVibe,
J Rockett Archer, Sonic Research Tuner, Coricidin Bottle Slide, Herdim Blue picks